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DONORS TO PEACE THROUGH PUPPETS: Puppets Created by Children


Joe Santoro works with children from
West Virginia to create the adorable bear puppets

The children show off their finished puppets

Since the beginning of Peace Through Puppets, no other group has responded more enthusiastically than the children all over the United States.

This page features the many donations created by children of all ages!

Puppets Donated by the
Little Lambs Preschool

Monkey Puppets Personalized
with Painted name tags
by the Shepherd of the Valley Preschool

Quilts, Hand Puppets & Finger Puppets
Crafted by the Cottonheads,
Smithfield, NC

Donated by the Zenith 4-H Club

Kate Popa of the Girl Scout Troop 976 in
Texas with Puppets donated from the
Carnival they hosted for Peace Through Puppets

Hand Crafted Aloha Puppets from Hawaii

Each puppet comes with a
personalized greeting card