Building Hope, Extending Compassion

A U.S. Army Soldier [First Sergeant Bruce L. Reges] stationed near Baghdad, Iraq, was looking for a way to comfort small children affected by the war. First Sergeant Reges wrote to his mother asking her to make 2 small puppets for his slash pockets.  First Sergeant Reges's mother sent a shipment of small animal puppets which were distributed among civilian children by Medical Personnel and Civil Affairs Soldiers.
This request sparked a humanitarian movement that has grown to be a non-profit 501.C3 organization supplying
small animal puppets to First Sergeant Reges to distribute in Iraq.


Peace Through Puppets Update!

The work continues at FOB Warhorse.
A new Civil Affairs unit has taken over.

As the old unit was leaving, children were
lined up along the roadside, smiling, holding
their puppets and waving goodbye.

Our efforts are finally making a
tremendous change!